The advantages of using ‘plastic money’ when shopping are many. However, you can have unpleasant surprises at the end of the month. Specially when you buy things in several payments. For avoiding this, you should consider the following tips…

10 Tips to use them properly:

1. Pay attention to notices from your credit card companies. Over time, they could have changed their interest rates and it is also common to decrease, increase or eliminate the number of installments without interest on the financing of certain products.

2. Do a quick analysis of your financial possibilities before making a purchase with a plastic money, especially if you’re on vacation! Be aware of your limitations and the possible future concerns you could have to pay off the balance at the end of the month. Do not forget that that plastic has to be convert in money after all!

3. Check the summary of your account, because banks and credit institutions sometimes make mistakes that you can see reflected in the summaries of payment if you check it! You would not want to keep making payments for something you have already paid off!

4. Control the duration of your card, with the purpose that they will reject it at a store and spend an embarrassing moment.

5. Avoid using too many credit cards. This can make you lose control of your the expenses.

6. Consider the frequency and value of purchases that is making those who have an extension of your card to avoid unpleasant surprises!

7. Consciousness analyzed whether services offered by the bank or financial institution, through your card is truly necessary, such as travel accident insurance or health care.

8. Keep your card and your PIN in a safe place, these are the pillars on credit cards and security.

9. Prevent theft of your identity when you make purchases online, for example, make sure the Web site offers you secure server transactions. Taking into account this situation, third parties may prevent access to your credit card number or password.

10. Compare the interests of your credit cards and try to cancel those with high interest rates, even if they give you flashy rewards programs these rewards never compare to the interest that you apply!